Selo Olive Oil

Croatian Olive Oil Reviews

Hear from customers about what changed for the better since they switched to Selo—my family's authentic Croatian extra virgin olive oil:

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Extraordinary Olive Oil

In this oil you can taste the boldness and richness of what a real olive oil should taste like. This product is pure through and through. A fantastic choice for bread dipping, cooking meats and various other dishes.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Jay Zukanovic

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

This stuff is incredible

Unlike any other brand I have tried, this stuff just stands on it’s own. The scent, texture, and taste is unlike anything else I have tried! As someone with pretty severe allergies that has had adverse reactions to other olive oils, I can say without a doubt that did not happen at all. Just popping the top off the bottle you can immediately tell it is not like anything else - the scent, texture, and taste of this stuff just blows everything else away.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Think Out Loud
Extremely high quality

Tastes just like a fresh olive. Fruity and peppery. Really good stuff.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Victor Bermudez Arias

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Very nice. I already used half a bottle in less than a week.


You can taste the pure freshness of this amazing olive oil in every drop!

Very good oil. Will make great housewarming gifts, as well.

Loving this olive oil

Our family has been trying to use higher quality oils in our house and stumbled upon Selo. We're loving the olive oil so far, we'll be buying more.

Not yet received

I know we will love the oil, but we are receiving a review request before getting the product.

Great taste!

Excellent taste.

Absolutely the best

I do not cook with any type of oil except EVOO and this is the best there is. Nothing else comes close. So pure and delicious. I use it in nearly everything, including baked goods.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Omar Ontiveros

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Pure, simple gold.

With the first taste you realize you're now Croatian, in part at least!

Good as ever

Seriously, if you’re thinking about whether or not it’s worth it, it is. This olive oil will enhance the flavor of whatever you put it on.


This is the best tasting olive oil I’ve ever had. You can tell it is high quality and pure olive oil. I’ll certainly be a return customer and would recommend to anyone I know. Thank you!

Love it

The best olive oil I have been able to get in the USA. Will absolutely order again.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Jeffrey Stebbing

Wow! Excellent, and couldn't believe the peppery back end!

Incomplete order which I paid in full

Only received 5 of the 6 bottles I ordered. Love the olive oil I received.

Love this olive oil!

Brings me back to Croatia. Thank you!!

Fantastic Olive Oil

This olive oil is SO flavourful! I love it. It has a very robust taste and is delicious with so many types of food! I will definitely purchase more.

Prevents disease/abnormalities/mutations/swelling

Selo Olive Oil prevents disease. It has become part of my daily supplement routines
(1 tbsp a day)

Dentist mentioned my excellent oral health. I joked and said I consume premium EVOO. He told me that quality OLIVE oils prevent abnormalities/mutations/swelling in gums. He stated that he had read a study via his dentist association.
(I've been consuming Selo for a year now)

I also believe that it prevents mutations/abnormalities in the face. There is no way you can become a bugman. Your body thanks you everytime you feed it premium.

Selo party

Sorry Martin, I'm back again for another review but I couldn't help myself

It's seems selo party has become a new euphemism and I will let you fill in the blanks. Perhaps email me if you want the full details.

Selo truly does go on everything but my personal fav is using it as a "topper"
Martin please keep me FILLED with your oil

Just ordered another 5 bottles.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Chauntel Macleod
Best olive oil ever!

Great customer service, my first order went missing so I contacted The company and was immediately sent another one. Fast response, quick shipping and not to mention this olive oil is the best quality I have found. I’ll be a customer for life!